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meet tonya.

Founder of Browgal & Celebrity brow artist. Her skills are trusted by a-list celebrites, Megan Fox, Fergie, Julia Roberts, Eva Mendes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Brittney Spears and many more. 

From a young age, everyone knew that Tonya was going to be an artist.  Following her dreams, Tonya first began her journey studing fine arts at The Royal Academy of Art in London.  While there, it so happend that she found an interest in makeup and beauty, and began providing her services for photo shoots as a way of income...

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  • “I’ve spent so much money trying a ton of different brow products. Once I tried Browgal’s line of products, I was able to make my brows look exactly how I wanted them to! My favorite part is that the sharpener doubles as a cap so no more losing my sharpener and no more dull pencils!”

    -@camimccullough, age 32

  • “Talk about two in one! The convenience and practicality of these products is amazing! How many times have you lost your pencil, sharpener and/or brush? I know I have, fortunately for the Browgal they’re attached so there’s no excuse for not having a perfect set of brows.”

    -@mocaandrea, age 25

  • “I’ve never found a pencil that matches my natural eyebrow color so perfectly. Number 6 is my favorite and looks amazing every time. Also, Browgal’s drawing tutorials are so detailed and informative that I was able to teach myself how to draw the perfect brow with this beautiful pencil. I love this company!”

    -@suzannalovsky, age 22

  • “I’ve always been on the search for the ‘perfect’ brow pencil, to no avail, until I discovered the Browgal. No other brow pencil does it justice. I finally love how my brows look!!”

    -@yesssatesssa, age 28

  • “I used Second Chance my brows and lashes for 2 weeks and got stopped on the street 4-5 times in one day by women asking about how I got such full brows.”

    -Mindi Walters (32) Los Angeles

  • “Tonya and The BrowGal are the only ones I trust to touch my brows. They have helped me find the perfect brow for my face and taught me how to keep them looking great between appointments.”

    -Jessica (27) New York City

  • “I wanted brows like Megan Fox and Cara Delevingne so went to The BrowGal to get the look they have created for these celebrities. If you trust their way of doing things you will never be happier with your brows.”

    -Stacey (25) Dallas, TX

  • “I was battling cancer and lost both brows. The BrowGal team got me back into shape with full brows and I'm kicking butt with their products and education.”

    -Becky (42) Denver, CO

  • “The harder lead of the pencils and the hand mixed colors made my brows more badass then they have been in my entire life.”

    -Amanda (21) Orange Country, CA

  • “I had the sperm brow. I know...gross. But that's what they looked like and I needed help. I got made fun of a lot until I found The BrowGal. Thank you, Tonya!”

    -Jessica (18) Chicago

  • “Bold brows are in but I didn't want to go too thick. The BrowGal team worked with me to find the best shape and sized brow that fit me and that I was comfortable with. Great how-to tutorials!”

    -Barbara (48) Palm Beach, FL

  • “Use the scissors. Buy the scissors. Life. Changing. Duh”

    -Sherry (31) Malibu, CA

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