After studying fine arts at The Royal Academy of Art in London, Tonya graduated with honors from art school with a concentration in drawing and painting.

1992 - After studying fine arts at The Royal Academy of Art in London, Tonya Graduated with honors from art school with a concentration in drawing and painting,


Tonya goes to Paris to study the fine art of makeup under mentorship of Dany Sanz, the creator of Make Up For Ever. She is a fine artist turned makeup artist.


Tonya moves to LA to work as a makeup artist. She discovers brow problems and begins studying and mastering brows. Tonya starts taking brow clients on her kitchen floor.



Tonya gets first celebrity client Molly Sims who later coined Tonya as “The Brow Gal.”



Tonya starts seeing Megan Fox as her brow artist.

Tonya rents part of a salon and begins focusing on building her brow business. Through word of mouth her celebrity client list begins to grow and grow leading to her later extensive A-list celebrity client list over the years to include Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Fergie, Eva Mendes, Gwyneth Paltrow and Britney Spears.




Tonya opens her first independent brow studio.



Megan Fox (and other clients) asks Tonya to create actual brow products so her brows could look as great as when Tonya did them with her color mixing technique. Tonya became motivated to create products that her clients could use at home, learning how to master brows in their own home.

Tonya sets out to create her ‘dream brow kit’ and begins her product development journey. She spends three years in research and development traveling the world to find the best manufacturers and hand mixing her own brow colors to suit the needs of all ethnicities and nationalities she has been servicing in her brow studio. After 15 years she knew the absolute best combination of tools for perfect brows.




The BrowGal product line goes into production.



After a year, products exit the production phase and they sell the first product ever on Tonya’s birthday! 

Tonya is voted Allure’s Best of Brows featuring client Julia Roberts on the front cover.




International distributors began requesting distribution. First international company - Canada 



The BrowGal Launches Second Chance Brow Enhancement Serum, the first non-cosmetic item. They begin developing their own formula of a blend they call Restoplex. This innovative brow technology stands for 'Restorative Complex' and activates the follicles for better brow health through application with a vibrating wand. The only one of its kind.

The BrowGal Expands globally (later to 19 countries). BrowGal is around the world, including Spain, The UK and New Zealand.




The Browgal opens flagship location on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, California and one in the UK (A Dream of Tonya’s).
Tonya became the on air Brow Expert for QVC.